A Dad’s always a Dad.  You know what I mean?  He is always putting us first.  Always thinking of us and worrying about if we are okay.

True story:

Dad had to have open heart surgery.  It was going to take seven hours.  We were all sitting around with him waiting for the point where they take him in to surgery and they don’t let us come with.  And we kept having to take turns, two at a time, and we were all praying and some of us were crying.  It was really scary.  I mean, a seven hour, open heart surgery.  Sorry I am choking up.  Dad calls me Crybaby.  Don’t you, Dad?  So, let me finish.

So Dad just keeps comforting us, when he is the one going under the knife.  Dad just keeps comforting us.  He’s like, hey, did you find parking okay?  Who’s taking your dog for a walk?  Did your boss say it was okay to just sit around here?  Shouldn’t you go to work?  Why don’t you go eat anything?  You don’t need to be fasting just because I am fasting – you’re not having surgery!  Leave me here and why don’t you all go get something to eat?  Don’t go hungry!  Food is a blessing!  And on and on.

So finally they get him back to do the surgery and we are all just sick with worry.  Just sick!  We can’t do anything without Dad – ever since Mom has gone.  He has been mother and father for years now.  The surgery day lasts a lifetime and we remember every good time and every bad time and every tough time and every fun time we ever had.  And we laugh and I cry and my siblings laugh more and call me Crybaby.

Then they finally let us take turns going back to Intensive Care and we flip a coin for which two of us get to go first.  And the nurses cannot wake Dad up.  They are calling to him, calling his name, and shaking him a little.  We are standing to the side, watching this, wondering if our Dad isn’t going to make it after all.  It is the worst moment of our lives since we lost our Mom.  And we call his name, and finally, he half-opens one eye, and he sees two of his kids, and he is alive!  And he is going to live!  And of course I am crying.

And he says, “So, did you guys get something to eat?”

That’s what I mean.  A Dad’s a Dad.  They’re just always a Dad.