This is how I know that God exists: because we are surrounded by air and light. Nothing on earth can live without these precious things. We cannot see air and light directly. We only know them through their consequences, just like with God’s actions in our lives. No one can stop air from being everywhere. No one can own the air or control it. Just a few moments without it, and we humans die. And what human can live in full darkness? It’s not right. We are born from darkness into light. Sunlight warms our planet, makes our plants grow, keeps us alive. Who controls the sunlight? Only our Creator. Light is life. We cannot live without light.

Why then are we so egotistical? Why do we think we can decide whether there is a God? Do we decide whether there is air and light? That is just the devil up to his usual tricks, trying to lead us back into darkness, before time even existed. The devil cannot take us into physical darkness, or course. Because ever since God commanded, Let there be light, there has been light. The devil cannot do a thing about that. But he can try to lead us into spiritual darkness, and he is good at that! He is very good at that. How? Because he finds people who have closed their eyes. They see only darkness. He tries to keep them there. And it works quite often, sadly.

Who keeps their eyes closed? Mostly two kinds of people, who are sometimes one and the same. Scared people, and guilty people. They close their eyes because they don’t want to see what is around them. They don’t want to see reality. They don’t dare to feel their own feelings. They don’t want to see and know their own actions. These are the people you see on the outskirts. They are using something to not feel, not live, not see. Some even seem to be doing okay, with good jobs and good families, but no spark. You can see it in their dull faces. No light inside them. Extinguished, while still breathing. So sad. They distract themselves and numb themselves. Eyes tightly shut to this wonderful world. Pot, porn, heroin, alcohol, whatever it is, it becomes their master, and they are led around in chains.

It is the saddest thing in the whole wide world to see someone get something as lovely as a whole human life of their very own, and then watch them just shut their eyes on it. Just choose to shut their eyes and be an addict, instead of enjoying, breathing, observing the miracle. Sharing in it. Helping others, and living this miraculous gift to the fullest humanly possible. Addicts are crippled. They cannot help others. And they cannot receive the help and love they need, because their eyes are shut. They keep them shut, and the devil smiles. One more in darkness. One more in chains of their own making. One more who cannot see their way to freedom and peace. It breaks my heart. It really does. So many lost.

That is why it says in the bible: he who has eyes, let him see! God is exhorting us to open our eyes and look upon creation. God is telling us to see our place in it. Find our tiny part in the infinite plan. Helping others. Enjoying our lives. Being good people, avoiding sin, avoiding harm. Mostly God just asks us to live, in harmony with His creation. Mostly He wants us to spend our time here seeing and breathing and loving. Open-eyed. Wide-eyed even. Seeing this miracle. Embracing it. It isn’t much for Him to ask.

Even now with this cancer, sometimes if I am lying half-asleep, because of the drugs, with my eyes shut tightly, I will start moaning to myself in pain, and my wife will gently shake me awake. “Open your eyes,” she will tell me. “It hurts less if your eyes are open!” And it’s true – it hurts less when I see God’s air and light. I can relax then and remember that I am held in the overwhelming immensity of God’s loving hand. I wish everyone could feel this way. I really do. Life is too short to suffer needlessly. It is over before we know it. Why waste the time walking about in darkness, when we are surrounded in light? Infused with light. Anyone with open eyes can see this! Soon I may close my eyes on this world for the final time, but I am glad and grateful that I have lived with my eyes wide open. I didn’t waste this gift. I embraced it fully.