Yay!  Hurray!  See, Dad, I knew it!  I told you!  I knew it was going to be a baby sister!  Haha.  Didn’t I, Mom?  I told you both.  And she is whole.  She is complete.  The lady doing the test says she has all her parts.  Not like me.  Oh, thank God, Mommy!

Remember when you were talking to Auntie, and you didn’t know I could hear you?  You told her that every time they did this  same ultrasound on me, when I was the baby in your tummy, you found out about one more thing wrong with me.  My kidneys.  My heart.  My back.  Even my stomach.  And then when I was born you found out that I didn’t even have an anus so I couldn’t poop.  I had to have surgery right away.  And you said you were scared to go to the doctor, because it was all just bad news, about me.  It was so sad.  I am so sorry for you.

But now you get a girl, you see, Mommy.  And she has all her parts, they just said so.  Her heart is good.  Her kidneys are the same size.  Her back is straight.  She won’t need all those surgeries.  She won’t make you sad.  And you know what, Mommy?  I think my baby sister is gonna love me.  I think she’s gonna love me a lot.

I think she won’t be sad about me being sick.  I think she won’t cry about it like you did.  Because she will meet me just like I am.  She won’t be disappointed.  And then we can all be happy.  Because she will be used to me, just like I am.  You see?  Because she won’t have expected me to be different.  I know, I know you love me.  You and Daddy both love me.  But still.  My sister, she will just meet me as I am.  She won’t care about me being different.

That’s why I want to name her Beauty.  Because she will be so perfect and so beautiful.  Her hands won’t curl up like mine.  And she will be so lovely.  And you and Daddy will be so glad to have a normal child, a baby who doesn’t have to be at the hospital and worry you so much.  Won’t you?  I can’t wait for my baby sister to be born, Mommy.  I am going to love her so much.  And I feel sure, I feel sure, that Beauty will love me, too.  And we will be so happy!