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I have huge sympathy for the mentally ill and their struggles.  A quantity of what they say aloud closely mirrors the unhealthy thoughts that run through my own mind in unguarded moments.

I was in Mental Health Court when one of the accused got anxious with the long wait, and started whispering, then muttering, then talking aloud, and eventually yelling, until he was told to wait outside.   On his way out, he yelled, “My common sense has been insulted one too many times!  And so, goodbye!!”

The following is part of the conversation in the courtroom amongst some of his sub-personalities, which I believe we all have to varying degrees:

“I am really mad at you, Ted!”

“I am Ted! That’s my real name!”

“I am mad because we need to win!  And you’re not winning, Ted!”

As he waited in the hall, I was hoping that one or two of Ted’s internal voices might be able to comfort him there:

“It’s okay, Ted.  We’re not in a race.  So there is no losing or winning.  You’re actually doing pretty well, Ted.  You have a lot of obstacles, and you are doing the best you can.   So try not to worry, Ted.”

“Let’s calm down, Ted, and just be grateful we are all here and working together.  We are actually all Ted and we can help each other.  Okay, Ted?”

“It’s okay, Ted.”

That would be a lovely chorus to hear over and over in one’s head.