Yes, my boy made a mistake last year, that’s true. He told me himself he made a mistake, but that was back then. And personally, I think he was just trying to knock some sense into her. And they were married in the church, so she had no call to be sending the cops after him. It was her duty to go to the minister – he is the pastor of our little flock and the right person to direct her in all spiritual matters. She tried to excuse it by telling me she felt so alone and didn’t know where to turn! Hah! I set her straight – I told her, listen, girl, God doesn’t abandon his children. You should have come straight to the minister for help, and not seek worldly advice.

Well, it’s too late now. She finally went to the minister but the train had left the station. She was able to lift the restraining order so he could move back home, but he still has that charge pending and like I told her, who is going to pay the bills if you get him deported? Where will you be then? You think it was too much work to keep him happy – wait until you find out how hard it is to keep a man happy who isn’t even the father of your children! Or to pay your bills alone and leave the kids with a stranger! You don’t know how easy you have it, I told her.

So they were arguing about Christmas, believe it or not, because she wanted to go to her people and not come here, and her folks are not even real Christians, and this time all he did was he grabbed her shirt, but she is such a nervous little rabbit she screamed like she was shot and the neighbors in the apartment downstairs called 911! Yes, and because he has a record now, the cops told her they had to arrest him. Even though she told them herself that he just grabbed her shirt! They call that assault here! Ha! I guess nobody much gets beat up around here if they think that’s assault! And he had to move out again.

So he came back home and there’s a new restraining order, and now her sister called me to say they need money and they can’t find the food stamps. Well, you know, they were both laid off at the packing plant, so they were on welfare. And it turns out the food stamp card is in his wallet, and he saw it while we were shopping for holiday groceries, and we need a lot! He saw it and said, Mom, how can I get this back to her? I’m not allowed to contact her or send messages!

And I told him, son, she kicked you out! And when you gave her another chance, she had to go and scream like a dying rabbit and you got arrested again. As far as I am concerned, you don’t have any obligation to her now. She married you in the church under God’s eyes, but she won’t follow God’s laws. So I say you go ahead and use the food stamps with a clean conscience. And he said since he can’t give me any rent now, he would use the two hundred dollars of food stamps for our holiday groceries, and I could just pay him fifty cash for it, and keep the difference for rent. He’s a good kid. Only he has a short temper, just like his Dad, so he needs someone with a long one, like me. And that girl is too impatient to get along with him. I’ve tried to tell her. It’s the woman’s job to make do.

And now the lawyer says I’m not allowed to talk to her at all! But that’s okay. I’ve said it all before. I’ve told her time and time again, back when, I told her – girl, you have to bow to the head of your household – that is your Christian duty. Obey your husband and try to please him in all ways, and like the minister tells us, love is patient. Love is blind. Don’t push him. I’m a widow, so God has released me from that burden, but I bore it while I had to. I bowed to the yoke like a good Christian woman. And I bore it meekly. But this daughter-in-law, she won’t humble herself. She won’t listen to reason. So I told my son, you can leave her with a clean conscience. Just wash your hands and walk away. Praise the Lord! I know my conscience is clean.