If a person in custody refuses a certain number of times to come into court willingly, the judge signs a “drag order” and with minimal force, guards bring the party into the courtroom for their hearing.

I woke up today thinking about drag orders for “real life”.  What if you could sign up for a service to drag you out of bed and force you to mow the lawn?  On the darker side, what if a system were in place to “drag” you to work when you called in sick?

This would make an interesting screenplay.  It could go anywhere from a terrible dystopian warning about absolute power regimes, to a light comedy, where one would leave feeling, I would like to have a service like that available.  It could be motivational, like a mean-good friend who pushes you onward.

I doubt, however, that any prisoner who is feeling avoidant or overwhelmed enough to refuse to attend their own hearings, could feel anything but fear and anxiety when the guards approach and tell them there is a drag order.  It has to be a tough situation.