Private Attorney:

Your Honor, my client is taking responsibly for his actions by signing this stipulated order for continuance.  He is very remorseful and this arrest and prosecution have been a great wake-up call for him.  He has already attended the required class, and will of course remain clean as a whistle over the year of supervision.  He is very interested in keeping this off his record, as someone with good standing, and well known – I might say, well-respected, in this community.

But Your Honor, we would like to make a formal request for you to waive the fines and fees.  We understand that he does not fit the guidelines for low income, but I ask you to consider the following.  He is paying very high fees for his children’s private schooling.  He has of course the fees to pay for this private counsel.  And he and his wife donate generously to their church.  So please take these matters into consideration in setting the fees, which frankly are exorbitant.


Counsel, I appreciate that your client has financial and family obligations.  I wish that he had appreciated it himself when he admittedly went to seek out sexual services from someone he thought was a teenage prostitute, who turned out to be one of our undercover police officers working against human trafficking.  I do not find his need to donate generously, or to privately school his children, to constitute financial need, and I note he has chosen not to submit a financial declaration, which is a prerequisite for a waiver.

I will impose the $1,500 fee for the prostitution prevention and intervention fund.  Another $1,000 to assist victims of prostitution.  Another $100 for the required DNA test, which all sex offenders must provide, and the $165 for the “John’s class”.    As your client appears to be on a path to avoid the up to 90 days in jail, I am hoping that some of these fines might remind him of the seriousness of the case.  And the fact that these girls are real.  They are real people.  Just like you, sir, and your wife, and your children.  Real people.

So ordered.