Judge to Addict during Motion for Release pending trial:

I hear you say that you are ready for change, but that is not what your repeated actions tell this court. And because of your repeated actions, you need to understand that your words mean less and less each time you repeat them. Your intentions mean less and less. Your good will and your desire at this moment to change – it all means less every time you go through this cycle of hope and despair, where you let everybody down, mostly yourself, but not only yourself. Not only yourself.

I have sat on this bench long enough to understand that your struggle is real. I know that. I know that your addiction is overwhelming. I know you have tried in the past, but it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t worked. So there is no way I can just let you out on your Personal Recognizance. I can’t trust you. You can’t trust yourself. This is where you are at today. I am saying this with all due respect to you and with a full understanding of the power of your addiction. I get it. And I believe you when you say you want to get sober.

But you cannot do it today. And I cannot let you out today. I cannot risk it. From where I sit, and with these new charges, after your last promises, your addiction has gotten the better of you. I am not saying you will never get sober. I am saying that you cannot do it today. There may be a chance some day. But that day is not today. I order you held on Five Thousand dollars bail. Even knowing that it is highly unlikely, given your circumstances, that anyone you know is going to show up for you and bail you out. This is my bounden duty based on community safety. And best of luck in embracing your sobriety in the future.