So I was downtown in that area where there are a lot of stores, a lot of tourists, a lot of beggars, and a lot of that bad kind of business, if you know what I mean. Hardened people and drug dealers, people selling stolen goods, and worse. And I had just come out of a store and then this young man he starts glaring at me, and I think, oh no you don’t! Not with me, you young whippersnapper! I am not afraid! Don’t try it on with me! Ha!

So I just look right at him, and I tell him, “Don’t you look at me like that! Say your prayers instead because God loves you! Yes, Christ died to wash your sins clean on the cross on Calvary so pray – pray to Him!”

He quit glaring and took a step back and looked surprised, and a few of his comrades started to gather. I went on. “The lamb of God was sacrificed to show you the way to heaven, and yet you are an abomination in the sight of God, until you wash yourself clean of these sins! Stop what you are doing, young man, before it is too late. You think you have time to reform, but you don’t know what day is your last. God has counted every hair on your head and every day of your life!”

Then I realized that he didn’t actually speak my language and that was why he never answered me but just stared. And my English is just terrible because I was never able to go to school in my home country so I cannot read or write, but I tried to use sign language and the few words I could say, like God, and pointing up to the sky, and look for Him, meaning seek Him, and this guy and his friends all looked up at the high buildings, and I kept preaching as best I could. I was earnest. They seemed to be pointing at the birds so I kept yelling,”No birds! God! GOD!”

Then suddenly they are started laughing and I started laughing too and I said. “God! God!” And they said back, “Yeah, God! God!” And the one glaring guy with the baggy pants and his underwear showing he just kind of sidled up to me and patted my shoulder and said something like you’re alright, grandma or something encouraging like that, and I grabbed his arm by the elbow before he and his friends turned away, and I looked right in his eyes and I caught his eyes. And I swear a saw a glimmer – he smiled and he nodded. I hope God opens his heart soon and shows him a better path, and I pray for that boy, I pray that he will be saved.

My niece, she worries about me. She told me, “Auntie, you gotta understand, it’s like back home. You don’t mess with the gang members. You don’t harass the drug dealers. You don’t ask questions about the kids of the street, or intervene. It’s too dangerous. You could get killed!”

But I told her, “Honey, I am a warrior in the battle for souls. And just like any other warrior, I will go into danger. I am not afraid, because God is with me. No one can touch a hair on my head without God’s permission. Now, I can’t read the bible myself, but I have heard enough of it in church. Don’t you think that if I get killed fighting for God, that I will have a glorious place in heaven? So what is there to be afraid of, anyway? We’ve already made it through a civil war. This stuff is pretty easy.”

I am sorry to worry her, because she helped get me out of my country, but I have to do what I have to do. God willing, someday my son will be able to join me here, and we will have such a happy life, and I can finally relax. Until then, I will continue to help these young men wherever I find them, in the strong hope, the firm belief, that while I do God’s work here, God will in turn let someone help my son, and open his heart, on the other side of the globe, and bring him safely to me. From my lips to God’s Ears! God willing!