I just don’t get this eviction notice thing.  We’ve paid the full rent all along, for five years now, and we’re up on all the utilities.

Yeah, we have seven people in our apartment, but the place is huge! There’s plenty of room.  And I fixed things up myself – I never ask the landlord to help. I figured we’d be here for years, so let’s make it nice.  See how clean we keep it? Now look at this photo! That hole with all the black mold In the ceiling? Yeah, that’s our bathroom. It happened before, some kind of leak from the roof. I just patched, sealed and painted it myself, but now two years later it’s come back.  Because they never fixed the roof.

So what happened is this. I wanted to help out my friend, who has two kids, when her husband got deported, so we got this place together. And it worked out fine. She has the big bedroom, and she and her kids sleep in there. The walk-in closet is gigantic – really more like another bedroom. So I set myself up in the walk-in closet. Everything was fine. She worked. I worked. We paid the rent and everything was fine.  Then her sister got sick.

Her sister has two kids too, and her husband is gone, too. So her sister got sick and she couldn’t work and then she got evicted. Well, were we going to let her and the two kids sleep on the street? No. So they moved in, but it was still okay. The two sisters sleep in the big bed. The little ones sleep on mattresses on the bedroom floor.  There’s plenty of room, and they keep it nice. The sister now, the sick one, she spends about half her time in the hospital, and half her time at the apartment, and she takes about twenty pills a day. I don’t know what she has, but it’s in her blood and it’s really bad.  Some kind of cancer, they say.

And now the landlord is saying we can’t have more than two people and that it’s in something we signed five years ago. But when we moved in, we already had four people, the two of us and the two kids. So I don’t see how we could have agreed that there was only gonna be two adults. What did they think we were gonna do, leave the kids on the street? You can’t leave kids on the street!

So now the landlord wants to evicts us because they say there are too many people. But my friend has to take care of her kids, and help her sister, and her nieces. She has to keep a roof over their heads.  Her husband can’t help her, because they deported him. And then there’s me. I’m just a single guy from their village who wants to help them out. Some of my friends tell me I should just forget them and find my own partner, someone of my own, and just have my own kids and quit helping them, and someday I hope I can, but these kids are already here.  And you can’t leave kids on the street.

I hope the judge will listen to me, and I hope the judge will understand.  And I hope I am allowed to ask the judge questions, because I really want to know something.  If you don’t have room for kids, then what use is the room? If you don’t have room for people who are sick and dying, then what use is the room? If you don’t have room for people who are trying to help people out because their kids are citizens and their husbands got deported, then what use is the room?

I’m not trying to be rude.  I mean really, with all due respect, it’s a real question.  And I hope someone can answer.  Because it seems to me that there’s plenty of room, and I don’t see what the problem is.