Your Honor, I object to the shackling of this defendant! He is here to plead guilty and the recommended sentence is Credit for Time Served. It is ridiculous to have him in shackles!

Marshall, can you explain on the record why the defendant is shackled?

Yes, Your Honor, he is on Ultra Status because he attacked one of our jailhouse nurses this morning.


Your Honor, I object strenuously to my client being shackled and want to go on record stating that he may feel coerced into pleading guilty because of being shackled. He should be afforded basic human decency. I am absolutely objecting to the use of shackles!


Your Honor, the defendant is in for unlawful use of weapon, and he just attacked a nurse. He is on Ultra Status. We are not going to remove his restraints.

And the alleged weapon brandishing incident concluded without any actual harm to any actual human being!

Well, counsel, I will note your objections for the record. Now I need to ask a few questions of the defendant before I can consider his guilty plea.

I see you are in shackles. Do you feel coerced into pleading guilty because you are in shackles?

No, sir!


No, sir!

Do you feel forced in any way?

No, sir!

Do the shackles have any impact whatsoever on your decision to plead guilty today?

No, sir!

Then I am ready to hear your plea, and consider the sentencing recommendation. And the defendant will remain shackled during this proceeding.